Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Origin of Clouds

The Earth had been holding its breath for thousands of years. For it was a lonesome planet that had no life on it. The Earth could no longer take it so she took a deep breath in and exhaled. The Earth started to rumble and cracks were running against the Earth's surface. The Earth started to split and where the Earth split stood a canyon. It was the Grand Canyon. The breath rose high above the canyon and landed as one big clump in the sky. Although Earth's breath stayed together, it was broken up into three sections the Stratus, Cumulus, and Cumulo-nimbus. Cumulo-nimbus was not happy that the Earth had released him. He was now stuck in the middle of the sky with nothing to do. Stratus couldn't agree more with Cumulo-nimbus, for he also was mad at the Earth. Cumulus' opinion didn't matter for and was always happy  agreed with everyone. Everday Stratus and Cumulo-nimbus would talk about their revenge on Earth. This soon became a daily routine and they discluded Cumulus because he didn't have an evil enough mind. It was already that time of day. Cumulo-nimbus went first, "We can get all of the creature on Earth to blow down on Mother Earth the way she blew us into the sky." It was now Stratus' turn to say something. "Maybe we are taking this the wrong way. Earthwas lonely and had been holding her breath for thousands of years. Cumulo-nimbus was bubbling with rage , he couldn't believe Stratus had just turned against him. He could no longer stand to be next to Stratus, so he broke away into smaller clumps. Cumulo-nimbus now had two revenge plans to think of. Stratus knew he was in danger, so he thought the best thing to do was to scatter into several skinny wispy clumps. Cumulus couldn't let Cumulo-nimbus hurt Stratus, so  he broke up into big fluffy clumps to seperate hos two friends. Cumulo-nimbus to this very day pounds against the Earth as his revenge. When Cumulo-nimbus isn't out then Cumulus is with his nice fluffy look to make up for Cumulo-nimbus' destruction. Stratus is still up ther in scattered wispy clumps, and whenever you see Stratus. You will soon see Cumulo-nimbus chasing after him.

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