Monday, December 5, 2011

A Journal Entry From a Young Tlingit Child

                                         Dear Diary,
Today was full of lots of hard work. Xoots my older brother, and pa went hunting at the crack of dawn. Ma and I left at about the same time they did to collect plants and herbs. At first ma and I didn't get much luck, but then we came across millions of spruce roots. Ma says she is going to use the spruce roots to weave basketry hats. A basketry hat is a hat with designs to display a persons status and family connections. By the time ma and I got home Xoots had left for school, and pa left us a deer for us to cook. Ma and I went inside our large house to cook the deer. Sometimes I'm jealous of Xoots because he is allowed to go to school. I'd much rather be at school than staying home to cook dinner. Ma and pa don't know this, but sometimes Xoots teaches me his lessons and lets me do his work. Pa walked in the front door of the large house. "Stop cooking, we were just invited over to the chiefs large house for dinner." Ma started to paint pa's face the way she does for special occasions. Ma put my hair into two long pretty braids. Pa wore his most valuable Chilkat blanket that ma wove him from cedar bark and mountain goat hair. Ma wore her hair in two pretty braids just like mine and she wore her basketry hats. We always bring something to give when we are invited to someone else's house. Ma and I finished the deer so we decided to bring the deer as a present. Ma and I both wore long deerskin dresses since it was cold and snowy outside. Most women go barefoot even in the snow, and that is exactly what ma and I did. Men are different though, pa wore snowshoes. When we got ther we ate the deer we brought, as well as whale the chief caught that morning. After dinner the chief told us the origin of the mosquitoes and then we went home for bed. Talk to you tomorrow,

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